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Dark times come to the Earth. A big asteroid hits the planet. The cities are ruined, and many people die. Those who have stayed alive are left homeless. The only way to survive for people is to go underground. They begin mining valuable resources such as iron, sulfur, and diamonds.

It is their chance to rebuild their civilization and start a new life. To reach this goal they work hard using bombs, pickaxes, and jackhammers. Some miners choose safe mining because they don’t want to put on a risk everything they have. Others prefer trying their luck and choose risky mining. The bravest miners put everything on the line and either reach for the stars or end up broke.

Join the community of miners and save the world! Think twice before choosing the way of mining. Remember - only the most daring and inventive players will engrave their names in gaming history, and achieve fame and recognition. Others will get the opportunity to enrich themselves step-by-step.



Use your pickaxes
to mine sulfur.
Sulfur is used to craft and repair
tools such as bombs and
jackammers or could be exchanged
for the DWS token.


Iron is produced by bombs.
Use iron to craft and
repair tools such as pickaxes
and jackhammers or exchange
it for the DWI token to withdraw it.


The most valuable token
in the game. Diamonds are
produced by jackhammers and
used to craft and repair bombs
and pickaxes. Also, they could be
exchanged for DWD token.

Road map

February - April

  • Completed smart contracts
  • Created NFTs
  • Releasing social media channels


  • Website release
  • Free promo drops
  • Get whitelisting on AtomicHub
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • “Access to the mine” pass sale
  • Social media marketing
  • Open/Closed beta version of the game
  • Main pack sale
  • Game launch
    (in 1 week after Main pack sale)


  • Aggressive marketing
  • Scheduled game updates
  • Inroducing new tools

JUNE - *

  • Mobile app launch
  • New burning mechanism
  • New game mode
  • Adding new mechanics “Mining sections”